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Intumescent Services

Intumescent Coatings have opened to designers and architects the ability to express themselves with structural steel in ways not possible before.
Unfortunately, the appearance of the intumescent surface has often led to disappointment and problems for all: the owner, architect, applicator, and manufacturer.  One reason is that the expected results are often not clearly understood by all involved.  Another is that all of the available application methods, techniques, and possible results may not be known by the applicator.
Having some experience in the estimating and application of these coatings, we may be able to help obtain the desired results, perhaps even with a cost savings, if involved early in the design or bidding process.

In the Design Phase


Sometimes a trade-off can be made between the thickness of the steel used and the required intumescent thickness that can save costs, if done in the design phase.

Specifications that stipulate accurately and unambiguously the degree of surface smoothness and thickness variation allowed in the coating can avoid unsightly applications.


In the Bidding Phase

Inexperience in bidding and performing intumescent work can lead to serious and costly miscalculations.

Knowledge of the optimum application techniques for the thicknesses involved, and their costs, can prevent costly bidding errors.

We can provide help for any level of experience in bidding.

In the Construction Phase


The proper application technique can guarantee a smooth surface adhering accurately to the steel shape.


One application method makes it possible to apply the intumescent coating in a shorter on-site time period.

Using certain methods intumescent may be applied later in the construction schedule, in some cases after finishes are installed.  Being able to apply the intumescent later may avoid costly environmental controls required by the application conditions and protection and/or protection from the weather.

Being able to apply later in the construction schedule may also solve some problems arising from late scope changes.

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