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Commercial Paint Estimating App

Wagner Estimating is a Menu and Event driven program. It automates repetitive processes so estimators can focus their expertise on refining the cost of labor and materials to each specific project.

An Example:


The software gives you the framework to make additions & changes to an Item and immediately see the effect on hours, materials, unit price, and bid dollars. As components are changed, the importance of the changes are clear.  You are given the ability to adjust price factors such as difficulty, to accurately fit the job difficulties.

The estimate can be divided into phases, floors, etc., and the bid, reports, and field information based on the phases can be generated through the Menu.

This software develops estimators as well as estimates.


This paint estimating software has been in use in the field for more than twenty years by a variety of estimators with various levels of experience.  It has produced estimates for small, simple jobs, to one over twenty million, and from run-of-the mill schools, to three million exterior repaints with a field-applied fluorourethane coating, as well as super-smooth intumescent fireproofing projects.

Charles Wagner - owner


Charles has 50 years of experience in the painting industry, having bid & performed new and renovation work in all facets of commercial and light industrial painting & wallcovering and associated specialties, and has unique experience in ultra-smooth intumescent fireproofing applications.  He spent 20 years estimating for one of the largest commercial painting contractors (ENR 500) in the US and has experience in small to $20 million projects, utilizing state-of-the-art products.

He holds degrees in physics has developed estimating software for the Commercial Paint and Wallcovering and Fabric Panel industry.

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