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Paint Estimating
The ​Wagner Estimating Program allows detailed development of the painting, wallcovering, and special coatings Items in an estimate.  The information can then be easily provided to information for use in project management and field use.

Over decades in commercial paint estimating, an application was developed to aid the estimator and his company to fully utilize the information.  Adjustments and changes to the Items are facilitated through mouse click events.  Various forms and reports can be generated with a click on the menu.

Consulting for Intumescent Fireproofing
Intumescent fireproofing has one foot in fireproofing and the other in painting.    

Because intumescent products can be applied with the same equipment as many paint products, and the surface smoothness is desired to look like paint applied to a steel surface, the application of intumescent coatings is often relegated to the painter on a project.  Fireproofing applicators generally lack experience in the aesthetics desired, and painters lack experience with the coating thicknesses required and other aspects of this life-safety field.  Architects, painters, and fireproofers alike can benefit from a little help.

Estimating Program
  • For New or Existing Companies

  • Prefilled Paint Items in Library

  • Fully Automated Menu and Event-Driven Functions

  • Designed for Bid Day Ease and Visibility

  • Elements for Project and Field Management

  • All job cost information in one place

Intumescent Fireproofing
  • Training to Produce Ultra-Smooth Surfaces

  • Consulting in the Design Stage to Minimize Costs

  • Estimating and Project Management Help

Articles on Estimating

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Published Articles

Spring, 2022 Issue

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